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Primary Care &
Health and Wellness Coachi

Health & Wellness Counseling

Our amazing health and wellness counselors are available to walk with your through your wellness journey. Accountability, encouragement and education are only some of the tools that will help propel you closer towards your goal. 

What Is Direct Pay Primary Care?

Direct pay primary care models bypass insurance companies in order to bring you cost effective, patient focused care. Although we do not bill insurance, we do accept most HSA/FSA plans. Our integrated health care team puts you first while offering quality primary & speciality care services you can trust.  *Affordable individual and family plans are available. 

Primary Care Visit

On Call Advantage medical providers are available to assist with your unique healthcare needs. We offer in person or Telemedicine appointments that may range from acute to chronic medical conditions. It is our mission to promote health and wellness for you and your family.

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