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Beautiful Girl

Specialty Care


Medication Assisted
Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a struggle - we can help. Medicated assisted weight loss is only one tool in helping you achieve your goal of a healthy weight. We will discuss a multifaceted approach that will promote a healthy lifestyle. Monthly appointments are an important way for our team to monitor your success and continue any prescribed medications that are helping you become successful.


Beautiful Skin/Beautiful You! Anti Aging/Acne treatment

Beautiful skin is just around the corner. Our prescription strength medication can be used to treat acne and sun-damaged skin. It can also help improve the appearance of surface wrinkles, fine lines, and darks spots. Let our providers formulate a plan just for you and your skin.


Improve Hair Growth & Prevent Further Loss

Thinning hair and hair loss can affect both men and women. However, there is hope and effective treatment that may help to promote growth and prevent further loss. Let our providers at On Call Advantage discuss possible treatment options that may be right for you.


Anti Aging/Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances can impact women's health in a variety of ways. Weight gain, fatigue, stiffness and chronic pain are only a few of the symptoms that can be managed with hormonal corrections. Our medical providers are trained in recognizing and treating these disorders that will help promote your journey towards health and wellness.


Improve your

Sexual Health

Studies have reported that over 43% of American women experience little or no sexual satisfaction. Increased fulfillment and intimacy may be in your future - "Scream Cream" is a combination of prescription and non prescription topical components that can increase blood flow and improve satisfaction.


Manage Chronic Pain without Narcotics

Chronic pain can affect every part of your daily life. Whether it is an autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease or arthritic pain, we may have a solution that is right for you. Book now to discuss how we can help.


Stress and Insomnia

Stress and Fatigue can affect every aspect of our lives. Our providers will help to identify causative factors such as hormone and electrolyte imbalances that may be hindering your health. Health promotion through a holistic approach will provide a strong foundation for continued health and wellness.


Do You Suffer From Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue is not a life sentence. Our specially trained medical providers will evaluate your unique needs and develop a plan to help you back on your journey towards health and wellness.


Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can cause a variety of dysfunctions including fatigue, weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Our trained medical providers are here to help. Allow us to partner with you towards health and wellness.


Acid Reflux

Do not allow acid reflux to impact your life any longer. Continual usage of acid reflux medications can pose it's own adverse effects. Our specialized team are ready to help. Book your appointment today.

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