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IV Hydration Therapy

Myers Cocktail

This IV infusion is packed with important vitamins and nutrients that may contribute to your overall health and wellness. Benefits may include: Decrease Stress, Improve Immunity, Relaxation, Healthy Skin, Muscles and bones, Rehydration, and Improved Nutritional Balances.

Fresh Fruit

Beautiful Skin - Beautiful You!

What better way to improve your skin than skin focused rehydration? Our specialized rehydration formula is designed to bring out the best in your skin. Benefits may include decreased wrinkles, smooth & soft skin, improved skin health.

Skincare Model

Need an Energy Boost?

This specialized blend of IV hydration is focused on increasing energy and function. As it helps rehydrate, this unique formulation may also boost metabolism, rebalance deficiencies, and improve your overall energy and mood.

Improved Immunity Infusion

Our unique blend of specialized IV infusion is designed with your health needs in mind. This formulation may boost your immune system as well as help you recover from sickness faster, prevent infection and rehydrate your cells. Let us help you get on track and stay there!


Smart is the New Sexy!

Does your brain need a boost! This unique IV infusion may be just what you need. Our specialized formula may help rehydrate, improve brain function, focus and learning. Remember that SMART is SEXY!

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