Alcohol and Drug Screening

Alcohol and Drug Screening Specialist (ADSS) are certified by Oregon Health Authority and designated by the court to provide screening services for individuals in need. Referrals to state approved drug and alcohol treatment centers may be conducted virtually, over the phone or at designated county court locations. The ADSS will act as a "middle man" between the courts and your treatment program to provide compliance reports throughout your course of treatment.

How to schedule your ADSS appointment:

**You WILL NEED your case number, incident date and court date to fill out REQUIRED documentation. Please ensure all documents are signed and dated.

Review all information on this page. Please notify the ADSS of any questions you may have during your appointment.

Out Of State Requirements

Out of state referrals will need to find a treatment program in their area that meets the same standards and requirements of the Oregon state approved treatment programs. Please refer to the out of state requirements necessary to complete your program.

ADSS Screening Fees

Any individual referred to On Call Advantage ADSS services from state, county or municipal courts are responsible for the ADSS court mandated fees. The ADSS does not have the ability to change these fees. The notice of compliance will not be sent to the court until the payment is made in full.

Fee schedule is as follows:

  • DUII $150
  • Possession of Controlled Substance: $90
  • Minor in Possession: $45

Payments can be made by credit card during the scheduled appointment. Money orders can be mailed to

On Call Advantage
1275 Ivy St. Suite #4
Junction City OR 97448

(Personal checks are NOT accepted)

Confidentiality & Abstinence requirement

All documentation pertaining to individually identifiable health information shall be stored in a system that cannot be accessed, or viewed, by unauthorized individuals. All physical files shall be stored, and locked, when not in use. Electronic files shall be secured by password protected systems.

Please click this link to review our On Call Advantage Privacy Policy in detail.

Individuals enrolled in DUII Education are expected to demonstrate abstinence from use of intoxicants as evidenced by negative urinalysis reports, except as allowed in ORS 813.200.

Individuals who provide a positive urinalysis test or who self-report use of a substance shall be required to complete DUII Rehabilitation.

Due to marijuana's federal classification as a schedule 1 drug, medical marijuana does not meet the exceptions allowed in ORS 813.200 for a valid prescription or non-prescription medication.

American with Disabilities Act Cultural and Linguistic Services

On Call Advantage only accepts ADSS clients via phone, virtually, or in person at state, county or municipal courts. If a client needs any assistance within those platforms, On Call Advantage ADSS will work with the client to find applicable resources to complete the referral.

On Call Advantage ADSS will not discriminate towards any individual, for any reason, and will work diligently to assist with the screening, referring, monitoring and reporting.

On Call Advantage ADSS will make efforts to provide provision to provide culturally and/or linguistically appropriate services while being respectful and responsive to the beliefs, practices and needs of all ADSS clients.

Individual Rights

On Call Advantage ADSS will perform their duties, respectfully to all clients regardless of: Age, National origin, color, pregnancy, disability, race, gender identity, religion, limited English proficiency, sex, marital status, sexual orientation. In addition to all applicable statutory and constitutional rights, every individual receiving services has the right to choose from available services and supports that are culturally competent, provided in the most integrated settings in the community. More information available here.

Trauma Informed Service Delivery & Crisis Prevention and Response

Understanding trauma informed service delivery is an important aspect of our care. For more information please visit here.

If you or someone you know is suicidal, get help immediately via 911, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or the Crisis Text Line (text "HOME" to 741741).

Grievances and Appeals

If an individual/client would like to make a complaint, or appeal, regarding the services(s) provided by On Call Advantage ADSS, the following contact information may be a resource. Addiction and Mental Health Services. As well as the clients state, county or municipal court.

Additional information regarding appeals can be found on the Oregon Health Authority Website.

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